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There is a recent trend in landscaping and playgrounds that is environmentally friendly and promotes safety for children. Rubber mulch in Colorado is replacing traditional wood chip type mulch for many companies that specialize in landscape or playground design. Purchases in bulk of this material helps protect the environment by re-using millions of old tires. Landscapers have increasingly looked towards this new material for their mulching needs as it withstands weathering better than ordinary mulch, which decomposes over time.

Many playgrounds in Canada and the U.S. are interested in increasing the safety of their children. Colorado rubber mulch can meet these safety needs, as the shredded rubber provides more cushion than ordinary wood chips or sand, and is non-toxic. The rubber chips are certified and approved for use on playgrounds by several agencies, including the EPA and the CPSC. At a recommended depth of only 6” of mulch compared to 9” for wood chips, a bulk purchase of rubber mulch is an economical choice.

This national supplier has plants located around the country. Bulk orders of rubber mulch can be delivered to a home, business, or school. A typical purchase of bulk rubber mulch is one ton (2,000 lbs) and will be delivered on a pallet. For a smaller need an order of 1,000 lbs can be placed. Prices vary according to color and style, and there is a discount for large bulk orders of 42,000 lbs or more.

Including, but not limited to, the following cities and surrounding areas: Denver, CO – Colorado Springs, CO – Aurora, CO – Fort Collins, CO – Lakewood, CO – Thornton, CO – Pueblo, CO – Arvada, CO – Westminster, CO – Centennial, CO