Connecticut Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Connecticut

Buy Rubber Mulch in Connecticut.

The best rubber mulch in Connecticut is made from 100% recycled tires. These rubber chips provide a secure surface for playgrounds, athletic fields, arena flooring and more. These chips can be used for landscape decoration also. Shredded rubber is weatherproof material that resists fading and can out last organic chips. Have bulk mulch delivered to your home, school, park or business in 2,000 lbs loads or larger.

There are many uses for Connecticut rubber mulch around the home. It makes an excellent surface for play areas and decoration for gardens and landscapes. Rubber playground mulch is an economical and safe surface for children to play on. When spread beneath swings and jungle gyms the rubber chips will cushion the impact of falls and lessen the likelihood of injury. Shredded rubber for playgrounds is also safe for children with allergies. It is non-toxic and non-abrasive when played on. Recreation areas should consider having bulk rubber mulch delivered to their school or parks.

Homeowners also benefit from using rubber bark for landscaping. It creates a unique attractive alternative to bark chips. Shredded rubber makes a good insulation for soil and fights the spread of some insects while preventing weed growth. People interested in buying shredded rubber for their business, child’s play area or for their yards can contact a local national distributor for their Connecticut rubber mulch needs.

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