Buffalo Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Buffalo

Rubber Mulch in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo rubber mulch is a wonderful new product that is made out of recycled material. This mulch is made from old tires. It is much better than bark mulch. This heavier product stays in place and will not blow around like wood mulch. Rubber mulch looks like rock and is designed not to fade or change colors. It will look as good in years to come as it does today. Helping to keep old tires out of our landfills, rubber mulch is considered to be environmentally friendly.

Rubber mulch in Buffalo is becoming quite popular and it can be seen in some of the finest landscaping projects around the city. It looks great around plants and helps with drainage. Rubber mulch is also superior for laying down under playgrounds. The rubber acts as a shock absorber and can help prevent injuries from falls. Cuts and scrapes can also be prevented because rubber mulch does not have sharp edges like rock or wood bark. It is perfect for homes, schools or parks. Many of the latest commercial landscaping projects have used this rubber product to complete beautiful designs around the city of Buffalo.

Rubber mulch in New York works well with the colder weather of this area. It helps drainage and will prevent frozen puddles from forming. Rubber mulch can be delivered in large quantities from between 500 and well over 10,000 pounds. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you decide how much surface coverage you will need. They will make sure you will have proper coverage for your project. When you contact us they can answer any questions you may have about rubber mulch. Use this material for every area where you would normally use rock or bark. Be a part of the trend of using environmentally friendly products in every aspect of your life.