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We have the best alternative to wood chip mulch for landscaping and playground safety purposes. You can now buy rubber mulch in Ohio that is an ecologically friendly product made from cast-off vehicle tires.  The process results in small rubber nuggets or slivers called buffings that are composed of 100% recycled tires and 99.9% wire free.

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When used as ground cover, this alternative to plant-based mulches has several key benefits not offered by wood mulch. Ohio rubber mulch is a non-porous material that does not hamper the flow of water and rainfall directly to vegetation. At the same time, it does an excellent job of discouraging the growth of weeds and fungus because there is no retained moisture to promote unwanted growth. Gardners and landscapers love working with rubber mulch because it also serves to insulate the ground from unwanted heat by as much as 3 degrees F. It provides an aesthetically pleasing decorative effect when used as a landscaping element.

Horse lovers have also discovered the benefits of using rubber mulch in Ohio, mixing it with sand to provide a soft and flexible footing for horses in arenas and paddock areas. Homeowners and operators of city parks and playgrounds are also switching to rubber mulch from traditional wood mulch because its flexibility provides a soft, cushioned surface which makes play areas much safer for children. Compared with wood mulches or other hard and scratchy surfaces, it will not cut or scrape tender skin when children take a tumble. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even endorsed the use of Ohio rubber mulch for areas surrounding such playtime equipment as jungle gyms, slides and swings. Not only is the non-toxic composition of rubber mulch safe for the environment, there are also no detrimental health effects for humans who come into daily contact with it.

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