Pennsylvania Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Pennsylvania

Rubber Mulch in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber from passenger vehicle, truck and trailer tires in a process that removes the tire steel banding, then grinds the rubber into miniature nuggets or thin slivers known as buffings. The resulting rubber chips or shreds are an environmentally friendly alternative to plant-based mulches such as wood chip mulch. There are a variety of reasons to purchase rubber mulch in PA for use at either residential or commercial locations.

One of the most popular uses for rubber mulch is in landscaping and gardening projects where it has proven to be superior to traditional wood mulches. Because the rubber chips are non-porous, if offers an excellent method of soil insulation that does not absorb moisture. As a result, the appearance of fungus and weeds are greatly reduced because rubber mulch serves as a barrier to their growth. Sales of rubber mulch in PA are increasing among gardeners and landscapers who have discovered its suitability for all mulching purposes.

Rubber mulch is also extremely elastic in quality, giving it a soft and cushioned quality that is perfect for using as a safety feature in children’s playgrounds. Compared with wooden bark mulches, rubber mulch in Pennsylvania is far superior as a substance for breaking the impact of children’s falls off of playground equipment when distributed in a thick layer around swing and slide sets. Rubber mulch has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a cushioning device for children’s playgrounds. It is 99.9% wire free and available in bulk either in nugget or shredded form. Its popularity as a cushioning device around playgrounds have led many horse owners to begin using rubber mulch mixed with sand as a footing material in all paddock areas. Consumers and businesses can buy rubber mulch in Pennsylvania in bulk, and whether the order is 500 pounds or in excess of 10,000 pounds, rubber mulch can be delivered directly to the customer’s location.

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