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Minimum order is 2,000 lbs of rubber mulch. These 1-ton super sacks are delivered by truck on a standard pallet.

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Suggested Minimum Depths:

  • Equestrian Footing: 1.5″
  • Landscaping: 2″
  • Residential Playgrounds: 3″
  • Commercial Playgrounds: 6″
Rubber Mulch Super Sack Pallet Forklift

1 Ton (2,000 lbs) Super Sack of Rubber Mulch on a Pallet

We will quickly provide you with an estimate for the product and shipping cost to your home or business location!

We offer larger discounts starting at 20,000 lbs or 10 pallets/supersacs of rubber mulch. A full truckload (FTL) can fit 21 pallets of 1 ton supersacs (42,000 lbs) of rubber mulch.

Landscape rubber mulch provides effective ground cover at a 2″ depth, which equals about 4.66 lbs per square foot. Depending on the exact type you receive, a 1 ton supersac of rubber mulch is estimated to cover between 400 to 500 sf at 2″ deep. That equates to about 45-55 square yards of mulch at a 2″ depth for a 2,000 pound supersack.

Rubber Mulch for Playground Supersac 1 TonRubber mulch for playground safety flooring in commercial settings should be installed at a non-compacted depth of 6″, which translates to 14 lbs per sq. ft.

Various sources state that a 6″ depth of playground rubber mulch will provide adequate fall protection from a critical height of between 10′ to 12′. Depending on the type you buy, a one ton super sac (2,000 lbs) of rubber mulch should cover an average of 150 square feet at 6 inches deep.