Rubber Mulch Prices

Rubber Mulch Super Sack Pallet Forklift

1 Ton (2,000 lbs) Super Sack of Rubber Mulch on a Pallet

You will get the best rubber mulch prices when you buy in bulk! Purchase bulk rubber chips for playground use or landscaping ground cover. It normally comes in 2,000 pound super sacs (one ton each) loaded on a wooden pallet. Your purchase is delivered by a truck to your home, business, school, or church.

Use our rubber mulch calculator to determine the number of pounds you need for your project.

As shipping costs fluctuate from day to day and from carrier to carrier we strive to find you the most economical transportation option to deliver our mulch to your location. We can ship your order both faster and cheaper than other rubber mulch manufacturers and suppliers.

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Suggested Minimum Depths:

  • Equestrian Footing: 1.5″
  • Landscaping: 2″
  • Residential Playgrounds: 3″
  • Commercial Playgrounds: 6″

Colored Rubber Mulch (including coated/painted black)

  • Prices are quoted per 2,000 lb super sack / pallet + shipping.

Uncoated Black Rubber Mulch (Natural Black)

  • Prices are quoted  per 2,000 lb super sack / pallet + shipping.

*Note* As prices may fluctuate from State to State due to local manufacturing differences, you must contact us for exact pricing in your area.

Minimum order is 2,000 lbs of rubber mulch. These 1-ton super sacks are delivered on a standard pallet by truck.

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Full Truck Loads (FTL)

We offer volume pricing. Receive great discounts for truckloads (FTL) of 42,000-44,000 lbs (21-22 pallets) of rubber mulch. Contact us now for bulk pricing and save by purchasing in large quantities.

Rubber Mulch Transport Truckload Delivery Shipping

21-22 super sacks can fit on one full truck load (FTL). That’s 42,000-44,000 pounds of rubber mulch at our best price possible!