Rubber Mulch Testimonials

We pride ourselves in our quality rubber mulch products and customer service. Read the rubber mulch reviews and take a look at the projects that some of our clients have completed with their bulk purchase.

From A Rubber Landscaping Mulch Customer in Wisconsin:

“Thank you all so much for the wonderful customer service you provided with our recent purchase. That kind of service is hard to find in a company these days.

As promised, here are some pictures of what we did. Even though I thought it was not going to be the right color, I think this color is better. My wife also agrees after talking to several people.

Thank you all so much, and I am looking for forward to enjoying maintenance free mulch for years to come! I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone looking for mulch.”

~ Kevin & Kelli, Germantown WI

From A Rubber Playground Mulch Customer in Texas:

“Hello there, I’m with Little Scholars Academy in El Paso, TX and we ordered 14,000 lbs of the blue rubber mulch from you and couldn’t be happier!

It came out looking absolutely great and is a million times better than the dirt and wood chips that the previous owner had their before! Here are the before and after pictures. It’s quite a difference!

Thank you for the quality product and excellent customer service.”

~ Joe, Little Scholars Academy – El Paso TX

From A Poolside Rubber Mulch Installation in Forney, Texas:

~ Amy B, Forney TX

A Creative Landscaping/Gardening Application using our Rubber Mulch in Bridgman, Michigan:

“The quote request was completed within 24 hours, and shipping was fast customer friendly.

We ordered the mulch in easier to handle 20 lbs bags (well worth the extra couple dollars!) and were surprised at how brilliant a color the blue mulch has, and the red provided the perfect contrast to the blue. Whether it be just walking through the garden, or kneeling to pull weeds, there is no value you can put on how great the softness of the rubber mulch provides…. so much better then wood chips!

A few years ago we mulched our playground with rubber mulch from our local “chain” hardware store, and the quality of this mulch is every bit as good, with a much better color selection to choose from. We couldn’t help but notice that the “chain” rubber mulch had such a strong odor to it that took a few days after being spread to air out.

Great product! We are probably going to replace the wood mulch next year in the other garden with mulch from this company.”

~ Eric G, Bridgman, MI

Rubber Playground Chips in the Baltimore, Maryland area:

~ Angela A, Baltimore MD
~ Ma & Pa Farms, LLC – Pylesville MD