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Virginia, is interested in preserving its acres of woodlands, Chesapeake Bay watershed, Atlantic Ocean coastlands, clear mountain vistas in the west. For these reasons, Virginians are deeply concerned with preventing the environmental issues causing overflowing landfills, toxic water run-off, air pollution. Rubber mulch in Virginia is gaining increased popularity hedging against negative environmental impacts. Its use is growing in landscaping, playgrounds, athletic fields, even park benches and horse tracks for equestrian trials.

In Virginia rubber mulch has been the greatest innovation for landscaping and playgrounds in decades. Across the nation, many communities have been dealing with the problem of waste tires beginning several decades ago. Virginia’s waste management agencies are no exception. There were few recycling centers in Virginia localities before the 1990’s. To complicate matters, the procedure of recapping tires fell into decline; dumping and other methods of disposal became of major concern. Landfills were expensive and quickly filling-up. Tires were also dumped in hundreds of locations throughout Virginia for erosion control purposes.

The birth of tirecycling made an entrance as a much needed solution. Rubber mulch is at the forefront of this emerging industry. Landscapers and local school districts purchase bulk rubber mulch because it is more cost effective than wood mulch for school playgrounds, athletic fields and sports tracks. As suburban communities spread, its use for landscaping is gaining in popularity. It is neat, reduces soil erosion and is available in a variety of colors. Virginia residential and school rubber mulch playgrounds have replaced widespread use of wood mulch as much safer from injury, cleaner and most importantly, more cost effective. Wood chips break-down in wet weather requiring replacement every few years and cause injury to children. Rubber mulch lasts a lifetime. Sold in bulk, rubber crumb particles most closely resembles grass, provides protection from injuries, is a safe alternative to natural materials. Rubber mulch is also an effective agent as synthetic turf for school and athletic fields and tracks.

Including, but not limited to, the following cities and surrounding areas: Virginia Beach, VA – Norfolk, VA – Chesapeake, VA – Arlington, VA – Richmond, VA – Newport News, VA – Alexandria, VA – Hampton, VA – Roanoke, VA – Portsmouth, VA